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AVEPA counts with more than 30 years since it creation in 1963 and comprehends about 90% of the veterinarians of Spain which professional activity includes in some way the clinical medicine of small animals (dogs, cats, cage birds, exotics, etc.). Among its work goals, AVEPA is intended for constant improvement of the technical and scientific level of its associated veterinarians through congresses, continuing education activities and publications.

GMCAE was created in 1997 in Seville by few veterinarians of AVEPA with interest in promote the excellence and development of the veterinary medicine dedicated to the so-called exotic or non-traditional pets and wildlife.

Today GMCAE is one of the most numerous and active working groups of AVEPA. It counts with more than a hundred members, mainly veterinarians whose daily practice is dedicated exclusively or in important fraction to the exotic animals or wildlife.

Since its creation, GMCAE has organised two scientific meetings per year, each of them is an important opportunity to improve the level of the scientific and technical knowledge in the veterinary medicine of birds, reptiles and small mammals.

Some of the meetings have mostly general focus on the topics related to our specialty, the speakers being mainly members of the Board or Scientific Committee of the group, while the door is still open for participations of all the members with presentation of clinical cases, clinical studies, review papers and round tables.

Other meetings are orientated to deeper and more advanced levels in some specific topics of the veterinary medicine of exotic pets or wildlife. For these, GMCAE is proud to have invited in the past renowned eminences of veterinary medicine such as Fredric L. Frye (USA), Neil Forbes (UK), Didier Boussarie (France), Gerry Dorrestein (Netherlands), Helene Pendl (Germany), Ben Schildberg (Switzerland), Rüdiger Körbel (Germany), Douglas Mader (USA), Steven Hernández-Divers (USA), Michael Pees (Germany), Frances Harcourt-Brown (UK), Marla Lichtenberger (USA), Stuart McArthur (UK), Jaime Samour (UAE), Kornelis Biron (Germany), Avery Bennett (USA), Lorenzo Crosta (Italy), Teresa Lightfood (USA), Johannes Lumeij (Netherlands), Sharon Redrobe (UK) or Vittorio Capello (Italy).

GMCAE is also participating each year in the Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) combined with annual National Congress of AVEPA.

As a complementary media of contact between members, GMCAE created in 2005 an on-line forum which has proved to be an outstanding tool for opinion ex-change, discussions and experience sharing between members.

From these lines the Board of GMCAE is inviting all the veterinarians interested in participating actively for the promotion of excellence and good practice of the veterinary medicine of exotic pets and wildlife to join our group.

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